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> OOC: Psionics permissions

To start, Sollux is a psionic. Which means basically, he has telekinetic powers. But it's a bit more than that, he's probably the most powerful psionic on Alternia. That is to say at the age of 6 (and/or 13) he has the power to move and redirect flaming meteors. Which is not really a simple feat. In the future, if he lives old enough with his psionics intact, he would probably be powerful enough to operate/work as the power source of large machinary. Poor Helmsman.

So that said, if anyone has a problem with him using his godmod-esque powers, notify me here.
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I swear we've played before together but I just can't place it xD. At any rate!

Telekenetic powers = fine, if they injure him God help you because he's not afraid to find other means to make sure he gets someone into a prone measure. If you think it may end up being something that makes him flip his wig or if I see it may be headed that way, expect that I PM you. Beyond is a serial killer and he's not going to not want to "experiment" either if he thinks it's interesting and CAN get someone into a prone instance. Luckily he's been here before so it shouldn't be too bad, he knows he should behave and has a cover story to maintain.
At an rate! I'll make sure to contact you and with ANY doubt (IE my permission post and etc for him) please don't hesitate to contact me too! I'm always open for discussion.