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HMD // Contact post

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Comments/questions/crit, go ahead and put it here. Comments screened, IP off, Anon on, etc.

App is here.
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Whoops I forgot to ask this before, do we want to presume that Sollux and Feferi are in touch on a daily basis even if we don't get to thread it out, unless someone says otherwise? Probably less of a concern in a game where a day lasts a whole week. But still worth figuring out what's okay to handwave if we haven't been able to thread for a while.
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Eeeexcellent. Yeah if what few panels we have is any indication, she probably hangs around him with decent frequency, even when he's doing the hack-y/program-y/game-y things.
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Time to log Eike running into zombie!Graham? And getting bit?

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Stopping in to say that I love stalking your threads, both with Sollux and with Joe. It's been great to see how many sides of Sollux's personality you've brought out, and you've been so enthusiastic with Joe-- I really love it, stay here forever.
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Gonna leave this here since you already went to bed, I got the newbie guide drafted up and I think Sollux kind of sort of volunteered to help. I didn't know if you actually wanted to be involved, but if Sollux wants to make any changes to that layout (and possibly duke it out with Tony Stark over it) let me know. You know where to get me!
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me @ u not playing sollux

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You're welcome.