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exsilium application

Player NAME: Jean
Current AGE: 20
Personal JOURNAL: vendingmachine
IM & SERVICE: vendingmachinedd @ aim
Player PLURK: cakejustice

Character NAME: Sollux Captor
Canon & MEDIUM: Homestuck & Webcomic
Canon PULL-POINT: Post Aradiabot explosion.
Character AGE: 6 Sweeps / 13(ish) human years.

Character ABILITIES: Well to start, Sollux is a psionic, and most of his abilities derive from that. A few examples would be telekinesis, "psionic blast" which is an ability that forces others to lose consciousness (although he's only seen using that on his bees), as well as psychic abilities (linked to his "vision twofold") that allow him to have vague visions of the future. He uses this ability to predict the destruction of Alternia. He can also hear the voices of the imminently deceased of Alternia, so long as he still has his vision. He's not too happy about that though, since hearing hundreds of screaming voices lends to having hundreds of migraines. He also has the ability to redirect his psionic powers into extremely powerful blasts of energy from his eyes (aka optic blast) which he can control… for the most part. His powers are tied to his emotions, and since he's frequently losing his patience, he might accidentally… blow a few things up once in a while. He also has a bit of resistance against other psychics and their mind control (or rather, he has resistance half the time), but if he ever consumes a substance called mind honey, all resistance and control is lost. His vision is deeply connected to his ability to all his abilities.

Probably because of his stupidly mutant brain, he's also an expert hacker. He's that douchebag kid who is like half your age but he knows more about computers than you will ever will and likes to throw it in your face. The only difference is that in about ten seconds of saying that, he'll probably tell himself he's not good enough and that he could be better. He's also kind of bamf at coding and making viruses and programs, to the point where if you can't figure something out that's mathematically ambiguous, you're going to get called an idiot here. What you don't know how to undo a complex reversal of object codes to figure something out? He's going to ask you if you have your computer plugged in. Much like making the Mobius Double Reacharound Virus that potentially winds up cursing anyone who executes it as well as affecting everyone the executer every knew and will know, as well as basically creating the entire game of SGRUB adapted from technology found in some ancient ruins is kind of bamf. But only kind of. I mean, he could be better.

Yeah, seriously, what a godmode this douchebag is with his abilities and powers.

Character HISTORY: History here.

Character PERSONALITY: One of the fundamental things to know about Sollux: his occasional debilitating mood swings. One moment he's fine, he's cool, he's all good, but he just gets suckerpunched with a depressive episode and it's all downhill. It can be sparked by a hair-trigger, and then he's just going to go on and on in self-pity, demoting himself into a state of loneliness, self-deprecation, and guilt. Or maybe he'll flip to the angry side, where he completely flies off the handle with rage. His mood swings can range to a few seconds, to a few minutes, to months on end. Sometimes he can't drag himself out of those depressive episodes, and someone might need to help him out there. His bipolarism has been with him his whole life, and is only worsened by the psychic screams he hears in his head. Honestly, would make someone irritable on a daily basis. But even when he is in a relatively good mood, he still has some low self-esteem issues. The fact that his blood, which is mustard yellow, is classified as one of the lowest kinds in the hemospectrum hierarchy of trolls probably really doesn't help there.

Sollux has a tendency to fly off the handle when it came to talking to others, even with those he actually likes. While he might be condescending at first (mostly as a cover for his more sensitive side), once he's said something too far, he realizes it almost immediately and apologizes. When he gets stressed, he doesn't like to talk to anyone and kind of shuts himself away, although Feferi later convinces him into talking about his feelings when he's depressed. She even berates him when he starts to get too depressing, convincing him to cheer up a little. Which he does, eventually. He then starts to get embarrassed and freak out again. Emotional roller coaster, this guy. Even then, he attempts to be one of the more mature trolls in the group, seeing the rest of the trolls as being juvenile for talking to the humans. He's also embarrassed when he has immature conversations with others, even agreeing to delete logs off his computer for the really awkward ones, particularly with Karkat, who is his best friend.

Sollux has a thing for twos, doubles, and the bifurcated. Looking at his appearance alone, one could tell, considering how he has two pairs of horns, two different shoes, and a pair of red and blue lens glasses to cover his red and blue eyes. Even his recuperation has two different entrances, separated by red and blue sopor slime. When he types, he has a quirk of doubling all of his 'i's, reflecting his love for doubles. He turns S into 2, and changing both to and too into two. His trollian handle is twinArmageddons.

Chosen WEAPON: There would be some considerable decision between what weapon Sollux would pick. On one hand, his psychic abilities are perfect, and as canon states, "a high level psionic has no use for any particular specious allocation," aka weapon. But the very fact Sollux has ninja stars in his room would probably mean he'd lean toward something more akin to shuriken and throwing stars, if it meant he would still be able to use his psionics in battle as well. Because it's not like he can level his psionics up anymore, they're already at max stat.

Chosen SKILLSET: While Sollux is not useless in a fight by any means, he would definitely prefer to stick to what he does best: computers. As an amazing hacker and programmer, it's what he would consider his real strength (when he wasn't too busy bashing on himself). That isn't to say he doesn't enjoy a good fight now and again though.

First PERSON: [Text]
2ometiime2 ii thiink two my2elf.
"man, ii don't thiink thiing2 can get much wor2e than thii2."
realiiziing moment2 after that thought that naturally ii have ju2t iincurred the wrath of the elder god2.
who ii'm 2ure then out of 2piite, look down at me and chuckle darkly.
and go "2ure, that'2 what you thiink."
and then thiing2 get wor2e.
thii2 ii2 one of tho2e tiime2.
two que2tiion2.
where ii2 the re2iignatiion 2heet along wiith the neare2t 2hiip out of here.
and why me.
clearly ii haven't put up wiith enough 2hiit 2pewed back at me through the whiirliing deviice.


If Sollux didn't know better, he'd say that the place he found himself right now was extremely similar to that movie in which a former employee of a company goes on a quest to prove that his inventions were stolen by the company by hacking into a mainframe computer only to find himself turned into data and sent into the computer itself where he is forced to compete in gladiatorial games but eventually fights his way out and destroys the evil control program which brings order back to both worlds. It was eerily similar, but the similarities faded as he was handed the netbook, ticket, and key to some form of housing. He can't recall a movie that this strikes him as similar enough to this to deserve a reference, but his confusion is worthy of comparison to the views of that movie in which a man tries to get revenge for the man who killed his wife, but just so happens that if you watch it backwards, it's the same story as the movie forwards.

Continuous internal movie references aside, his confusion refuses to subside as he stares down to the four new objects in his possession. A ticket to get an account at a bank he never wants to join, a key to a room that he's sure won't be what his old room used to look like, and a netbook that likely processes twenty-two times slower than what his own computer could do, if he had it with him. All of that… and a weapon. A giant ninja star, that honestly, he wouldn't be doing too great a job throwing straight on his own without practice (it was still really cool though. Coolness factor triumphs all). Sollux frowns to himself, mulling over options-- well, no. His lack of options. Leaving the area didn't seem like a good idea, and he needed more time to really coordinate himself. How many more times he going to find himself in completely different places in the blink of an eye? This would be, what, the third time? Fourth? Far too many times, in his opinion. Still… he doubted he'd have much of a choice, per the usual circumstances. First waking up on Derse, next waking up in a castle, and now this? Come on. Give him a break, world.

I'm bringing Sollux in with existing game memories from Paradisa, where I played him there for about 3/4ths a year. The premise of Paradisa is that characters are stuck in an enchanted castle that will grant their wishes if they wish for them outloud, people communicate through journals, and every once in a while, the magic of the castle causes an event to happen. Pretty slice-of-life. He made friends good friends with Alex Russo (from Wizards of Waverly Place), Yuki Nagato (from Haruhi Suzumiya), Shiki Misaki (from The World Ends With You), and various other characters, learning more about the ways humans work, and how they function different from trolls. Relationships-wise, he formed a Kismesissitude with Equius Zahhak and a Moirallegiance with Aradia Megido. That's… about it.