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Application for capeandcowl

NAME: Jean
AGE: 21
JOURNAL: [personal profile] vendingmachine
IM: vendingmachinedd
PLURK: cakejustice
E-MAIL: n/a

CHARACTER NAME: Sollux Captor / Mage of Doom
SERIES: Homestuck
CHRONOLOGY: Just post-Aradiabot explosion. (Approximately ">0_0" )
CLASS: Hero in Sour Armor


There's technically two "worlds" in Sollux's canon. I'll try to keep this short since I could write about this forever, but who wants to hear me explain Homestuck? No one, that's who.

First there's Alternia, and it's awful. That would be the world that Sollux, and all adolescent trolls grow up in, and there should be an emphasis on adolescent. Alternia is populated only by kids and children (wigglers, really), because the adults were banished and instead just fly around the stars blowing up every other form of life they find. No, really. So understandably, with only children to populate Alternia (who are then abducted to the troll starships when they get old enough), it falls to crap.

In what he thought was an effort to save Alternia from destruction, Sollux programs a video game translated from ancient hieroglyphics in some caves. Turns out, starting up that game code is really what screws over the planet, and only twelve trolls escape to SGRUB (the horrible name he gave to the video game). He dies in the process, but is revived in the game, and the twelve trolls work their way through The Medium (world number two, the video game world) to the "Ultimate Prize" which would be a new universe for them to start over in.

Unfortunately, a Baddie from a second universe comes through a space-time-dimension-portal and starts destroying everything. In a last ditch effort to escape, Aradia (Sollux's ...friend) tosses the cast into a portal to a distant meteor in the Medium. They remained there in hiding for hours, eventually connecting to the four human kids who started up their own session, SBURB (this is the point I'm taking Sollux from).

After this, things get FUBAR'd. Some trolls kill other trolls, there's a lot of dying everywhere, the humans all die and Godtier (achieve the ultimate level, become conditionally immortal), and then the remaining survivors go through a portal to yet another universe.

So basically, Sollux's personal timeline:

Alternia (dies once) > SGRUB game (dreamself dies at some point)> Hiding in the Medium (dies again) > Chilling as a ghost/not ghost in Dreambubbles (essentially the afterlife).

Unfortunately, Homestuck has a lot of jargon that confuses things, so if any of this is unclear I can try to explain it again. As for a summary, Sollux is the go-to guy to get something done. Most of his talents were technical, like hacking into something, getting a computer fixed, writing up code, etc. Which doesn't sound so exciting, except for the fact in the Homestuck world, since it's modeled after video games, coding has more value to it. A type of virus Sollux had on his computer that even he couldn't get rid of was actually a ticking timebomb to release an unstoppable murderous time travelling demon. Things like that. But also, because he's a powerful psionic, he was just in general the guy that could get things done with his powers. During the final Boss fight in their game session, he redirected the meteors that probably would have killed everyone to instead specifically hit the Boss. When Jack Noir was coming after the remaining trolls on the meteor, Sollux killed himself moving the whole thing across space to escape to save his friends.

Important relationships Sollux are kind of complicated. Karkat Vantas is his best friend, and they were really good bros, until he kicked the bucket for the final time. They'd argue daily, but it wasn't too spiteful. Aradia Megido was Sollux's close friend before she died (aka was killed by him, when he was being mindcontrolled by Vriska Serket) and it's even debatable that they were moirails before she died. However, it's never canonly said, so it's all just conjecture. Feferi Peixes is Sollux's girlfriend/matesprit (established by the time they escape to the meteor) although she dies soon after that. Other friends include Terezi Pyrope and Kanaya Maryam.


Sollux likes to think of himself as a pretty cool guy. A coolkid, in a sense. When he's not, you know, going through one of his occasional debilitating mood swings. One moment he's fine, he's cool, he's all good, but he just gets suckerpunched with a depressive episode and it's all downhill. It can be sparked by a hair-trigger, maybe someone tells him he wrote "to" instead of "two", and then he's just going to go on and on in self-pity, demoting himself into a state of loneliness, self-deprecation, and guilt. His guilt lasts with him pretty long too. Or maybe he'll switch to the angry side, where he completely flips his shit out a window in a fit of rage. He and the shit want nothing to do with each other. The shit is suing him for emotional negligence and he's suing it back for abusive relationship.

His mood swings can range to a few seconds, to a few minutes, to months on end. Sometimes he can't drag himself out of those depressive episodes, and someone might need to help him out there. His "bipolarism" has been with him his whole life, which would be because it's caused by constant pressure and sound of arguing/begging/yelling/dying psychic voices he hears in his head. In his canon, he has a mental connection to not just the ghosts of his own universe, but those of a second universe as well. He hears the last few seconds of life anyone has anywhere in both of those two universes echo in his head, and he's had that going on his whole life. Honestly, that would make someone irritable on a daily basis. Needless to say, he's gone a little crazy, and that craziness manifests itself in his mood swings. He has a pretty good handle on them for his age, though. But even when he is in a relatively good mood, he still has some low self-esteem issues. The fact that his blood, which is mustard yellow colored, is classified as one of the lowest kinds in the hemospectrum hierarchy of trolls probably really doesn't help there.

Sollux has a tendency to be spiteful when talking to others, sometimes even with those he actually likes. While he might be condescending at first (mostly as a cover for how easily offended he is), he often says things that go too far. Sometimes he realizes it almost immediately and apologizes. Other times... he doesn't realize until it's too late. When he gets stressed, he doesn't like to talk to anyone and kind of shuts himself away, although Feferi later in canon convinces him into talking about his feelings more when he's depressed. She even berates him when he starts to get too depressing, convincing him to cheer up a little. Which he does, eventually. He then starts to get embarrassed and freak out again. Emotional roller coaster, this guy. Even then, he attempts to be one of the more mature trolls in the group, seeing the rest of the trolls as being juvenile for "trolling" the humans (trolling here meaning the internet term of "to mess with"). He's also embarrassed when he has immature conversations with others, even agreeing to delete IM logs off his computer for the really awkward ones, particularly with Karkat, who is his best friend. Basically, Sollux is a series of conflictions. He likes to act like he's cooler and funnier than he really is, to cover up how easily depressed he gets. He honestly knows he's not as great as he makes himself out to be, and if called out on it, he'll wind up agreeing, and probably getting depressed again. The attitude of this coolkid is to protect himself from falling too deep into emotional turmoil.

Despite all of that, though, he tries to be a good person. In troll society, being "good" is not really smiled upon, though. Being a horrible person, taking advantage of others, and killing for fun are considered good traits. Sollux, as a result of being raised in this type of society still has some of those tendencies (mostly in the sense of not having sympathy for others outside of his small circle of friends, and taking advantage of his abilities over others), but overall, he's a good guy. He's known since a young age that he was destined to die horribly, and twice. He's known that their planet would be doomed if he didn't work to stop it, and even though he hates what much of what his race stands for, he wanted to save it. He's died, bleeding out his ears (and nose, and mouth, and eyes) to save someone he hardly knew, because he knew that it was something that needed to be done to save the remaining trolls.

In addition, Sollux has a thing for twos, doubles, and the bifurcated. Looking at his appearance alone, one could tell, considering how he has two pairs of horns, two different shoes, and a pair of red and blue lens glasses to cover his red and blue eyes. Even his recuperation has two different entrances, separated by red and blue sopor slime. When he types, he has a quirk of doubling all of his 'i's, reflecting his love for doubles. He turns S into 2, and changing both to and too into two. His trollian handle is twinArmageddons.

However, there's a pretty big change to his personality that takes place (after the point which I'm taking him from). Due to events in canon, he's blinded, which he also foresaw happening in his visions. After that point, he can't hear the psychic screaming anymore. He naively thinks that that means no one is destined to die anymore, but really it just means he's lost connection to his psychic abilities. After no longer hearing the voices, he's a much more agreeable troll. His moodswings no longer plague him, and he's actually pretty happy and tends to go along with what people say a lot more easily. He's not completely changed though. While he's not stuck in his depressing ruts anymore, but he's still sassy as hell, and doesn't take other people's shit.


Well to start, Sollux is a psionic, and most of his abilities derive from that. A few examples would be telekinesis, "psionic blast" which is an ability that forces others to lose consciousness (although he's only seen using that on his bees), as well as psychic abilities (linked to his "vision twofold") that allow him to have vague visions of the future. He uses this ability to predict the destruction of Alternia. He can also hear the voices of the imminently deceased of Universe A (the one he was raised in) and Universe B (the one the humans were raised in)... as long as he still has his vision. He's not too happy about that though, since hearing thousands of screaming voices lends to having thousands of migraines. He also has the ability to redirect his psionic powers into extremely powerful blasts of energy from his eyes (aka optic blast) which he can control… for the most part. His powers are tied to his emotions, and since he's frequently losing his patience, he might accidentally… blow a few things up once in a while. He also has a bit of resistance against other psychics and their mind control (or rather, he has resistance half the time), but if he ever consumes a substance called mind honey, all resistance and control is lost. His vision is connected to his psychic abilities like hearing the screams and seeing the future, but not to his psionics.

So Sollux's powers, in three separate parts:

• Psionics - (Electric-based?) Telekinesis (IDK, what else would you call this also flashing gifs warning), Optic blast, Flight
• Doom/Psychic powers - his ability to hear the obscure screams of the imminently deceased, indirect sense of foreboding, generally being a downer.
(and also)
• Troll form (since they are automatically human upon entering, but other troll players have used one of their ability slots to do this so it's okay?)


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that place was beginning to stink like several hours worth of prepubescent sweat and emotional stank which unironically is exactly what it was filled with.
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This is the first time he's been on a well-populated planet in approximately a month. Since Alternia was destroyed, the only other planets he's been on have been in the Medium, and The Land of Brains and Fire hardly counted as real planet. Really, the ground was just made of fake gross brain material, rubbery and impossible to keep your balance on, and the rest of the planet was just on fire. It was gross. Of course he got literally the worst possible land combination in existence. Of course.

But back to this planet. This new world, where people are just casually strolling about on the street- where everyone is human and he's half repulsed just at the sheer quantity of them. It's not that he hates humans. But, this many, all in one place? Do they realize how bad they smell? And what is that one eating?

Sollux would shudder, if he wasn't so in shock by the whole situation. He was on Earth, in a different universe, and- woah this is brand new- the sun isn't burning him. It's irritating, and enough to trigger another beginning of a migraine, but for all the squinting he's doing, his skin is not actively burning, and his visionstalks are not being seared out of his head. Was the Earth Sun just not as strong as the Alternian one? Was he just immune to it for some reason? All valid questions to things he probably shouldn't be giving much of a shit about, considering the vast amount of other things he should be giving a shit about. Like what to do now. What was he going to do now? Trying to find out what to do about his own skewed timeline was one thing, but now that he's been interdimensionally grubnapped, he had no way of actually fixing that. He COULD go back into that room with the transporter AI, and try to bully his way into going back, but if it had enough power to tear a fabric in time and drag him off his ass out of a doomed universe and into this (probably also doomed) one, he doubts him lisping his way through some half-baked insult was going to get him anywhere good.

So, he's just going to have to find another means of going back. There had to be some computer around here that could execute the right kind of .~ath programming, and that could easily whisk his nook out of here in seconds.

His thoughts don't linger too long on the thought of not returning to a meteor where he's doomed to go blind and die. Because he knows it's what he's supposed to do. He has a very set destiny and already set events have been put into motion. If he's not there when he's needed, everyone else would be sent into a doomed beta timeline. If that hadn't happened already, that is. He's always known he's needed to sacrifice himself, multiple times, for his friends. And he'd do it, for them. For all the times he's been down, wanting to just wallow in his own sorrow and let himself rot away in his hive, one of his friends has always dragged him out of it. They were there for him, albeit in strange ways sometimes, but still. If this is how fate decided he repays them, then that's okay with him.

But first, he's seriously going to need a pair of sunglasses.


I just remembered, I did have a question though about the human/troll thing. Do they start off with all of these abilities inherently, or do they get to pick them ICly? Like, did Sollux arrive as a human, and go "ew gross no" and get to pick one ability to be a troll, or since I picked his abilities, he just arrived still as a troll?